Designing the Foreigner Ruins

NOTE: This post was adapted from the previous website for the purposes of archiving.

Currently I am working on the Foreigner ruins. The Foreigners are enigmatic, advanced, and largely absent from Starfallen. However, you’ll be exploring their strange ruins left behind hundreds, if not thousands of years ago. 

The design of the ruins went through several iterations. Even now, it’s still not exactly set in stone what they will look like. It’s a work in progress. I want to be able to capture the right essence and feel, while simultaneously making interesting ruins to explore. 

I am designing the ruins in Google Sketchup to flesh them out and see how they look like at the right perspective without having to make all the assets in Photoshop. We aim to make the exterior ruins quite big and monolithic. If this method is successful, I’ll most likely go the same route for the Cai cities.