First Post!

NOTE: This post was adapted from the previous website for the purposes of archiving.

Welcome to Starfallen's official website! We’re so excited you’re visiting! We’ll be posting all kinds of goodies here, such as development logs, concept art, game dev thoughts, and our adventures making Starfallen. 

Starfallen began as a Minecraft mod concept for a new dimension in 2012. Although, the game used to be titled Otherworld, we changed the name to the more fitting name of Starfallen. Sean, at the time, was a little too obsessed with Minecraft and assembled  a small team to make the mod. College got in the way, and he could not work on the mod any more. However, when Sean was staying up late one night, (supposedly to finish an assignment) he wondered what Starfallen would look like as an actual game. This led Sean to make the first mock-up of Starfallen, as seen below. 

 The first mockup concept for Otherworld.

The first mockup concept for Otherworld.

The premise is mostly the same, but some mechanics and plot points have changed since. It was not until near graduation, that Sean met Jason Spafford, who saw the mock-up and wanted to work together to make the game a reality. 

Through Jason, the team was formed; Kevin and Nils were brought in, and for several months, the team met at strange hours of the night and worked as much as they could. In March, Jason brought the team together in Burlingame, California to do a Starfallen “Game Jam”. For two weeks we ate donuts, Kevin made animations, Nils and Jason coded, we showed off our game, fought a little, and got to know one another more. It was an awesome time and it was the point where Starfallen got serious. Since then, Starfallen has made amazing progress and we recently accepted a new teammate, Jonas.

So that’s the Starfallen adventure so far!