Florida Supercon + New Content

Hey guys, 

So Starfallen has seen several new changes in the past few months. But first, we'd like to talk about our latest experience at Florida Supercon this past June. We received so much feedback, compliments, and encouragement! If you attended and came to our booth, we were glad you got to experience the game first-hand! 

As for changes, we've been working hard on refining the combat to feel smooth and good. We've also refined the first major ruin and boss you encounter, making sure it's intuitive and challenging. We've also began adding breakable and chest objects to smash and find loot. Slowly, the world is starting to become more interactive. 

Our new village now has proper interiors for the village fort and the tavern. The first quest to find the ruins and the boss can be found inside the fort. Eventually, the Cai won't be naked; they'll have their proper clothing and armor.

In addition, we've implemented several new weapons, and one new armor. We have another armor already made, but not implemented yet.