OrlandoiX a Success!


We just finished OrlandoiX over at Orlando, FL. The gaming and interactive tech convention went really well and many people loved Starfallen. We were very excited to meet some other awesome game developers such as Wasabi HorizonBlacksea OdysseyTemple of YogRally Copters, and Heroes of Issachar

We had a new poster design for sale as well as new business cards. In the future, each of our conventions will have unique collectible trading cards. OrlandoiX debuted the first four. If you ever do visit us at future conventions, be sure to collect these one-of-a-kind trading cards! 

As for game development itself, we've improved our combat and enemy AI to feel smoother and faster. Nils has improved the optimization so much that the game opens within 2-3 seconds! We'll be making more detailed announcements with upcoming changes and additions within the coming week, so stay tuned.