Tutorial Makeover

NOTE: This post was adapted from the previous website for the purposes of archiving.

So…we’re alive!!! It’s only been like seven months since our last post—no biggie. 

Truth be told, we have to apologize for our lack of socializing and online presence. Despite that, we’ve done many things since June. I could give a whole outline, but it’s probably boring. So, I’ll just make this post about our new tutorial level.

If you haven’t heard, Hoot showed Starfallen at the Symposium PI in Monthey, Switzerland back in November, and we got loads of useful feedback from play testers. Much of the feedback were things that we just could not address in time due to the deadline and life. Other feedback opened our eyes to things we never noticed. 

Part of the feedback was focused on our tutorial level, a crashed-in cave you must exit. The level is “supposed” to teach you to interact, craft, wield a weapon, and fight. But if we’re going to be honest here, it wasn’t a blaring success. 

Visually, the old level did not make sense either; how does a space pod crash into a nice cozy cave nice and flat on the ground? Thankfully, we are redesigning the level so that the pod appears to have crashed into the ground and broken through a cave. 

We’re also experimenting with light effects to improve the atmosphere of this cave; hopefully maybe some particle effects in the near future as well. Currently, the map appears quite empty—do not fear, there will be small rocks and other things to decorate the level. In the mean time, we’ve been fixing any collision bugs, and making sure the 2D pieces aren’t too big or small.