Concept Art

Introducing Minibosses and Creatures!

What’s up everyone, it’s Sean. We’re going to start weekly updates (to the best we can) and bring you guys into what we’re doing every week. Some weeks will be boring and little will get done—we all have full-time responsibilities that must be taken care of. Other weeks we’ll be on fire—dishing out assets, new mechanics, new biomes, livestreaming, etc. 

The image above is our first miniboss, the Ormakra. Minibosses will be rare monster spawns that drop really valuable materials. They'll also have their own attack patterns that set them apart from regular mobs. The Ormakra is a large plant-like creature that camouflages as one of the local trees in the Boglands biome. He’s not animated yet, but I am really looking forward to completing it. 

These smallish avian creatures are typically called Kimu. Kimus are passive and fly away upon approach. The world of Starfallen will be inhabited by all sorts of Kimu varieties. For now, they'll be passive animals, but perhaps we can create some unique AI for some varieties. Maybe some Kimus actually attack you during a certain time of the day? Or maybe they'll only attack in the presence of their larger cousins, the Scaven. 

This strange avian creature, the Scaven, does not like intruders whatsoever. We haven’t built its AI yet, but the animations are all done. Scavens won't inhabit the Boglands biomes, but they will live in the upcoming Lowland Forests biome. Like the Kimu, Scavens will have a few varieties throughout the other planned biomes. 

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Designing the Foreigner Ruins

NOTE: This post was adapted from the previous website for the purposes of archiving.

Currently I am working on the Foreigner ruins. The Foreigners are enigmatic, advanced, and largely absent from Starfallen. However, you’ll be exploring their strange ruins left behind hundreds, if not thousands of years ago. 

The design of the ruins went through several iterations. Even now, it’s still not exactly set in stone what they will look like. It’s a work in progress. I want to be able to capture the right essence and feel, while simultaneously making interesting ruins to explore. 

I am designing the ruins in Google Sketchup to flesh them out and see how they look like at the right perspective without having to make all the assets in Photoshop. We aim to make the exterior ruins quite big and monolithic. If this method is successful, I’ll most likely go the same route for the Cai cities. 

The Boglands

NOTE: This post was adapted from the previous website for the purposes of archiving.

We’ve been working on a 2nd biome called the Boglands. This will be the biome in which you begin the game. It’s a murky and unsafe environment, filled with poisonous creatures, and traps. We’ll be showing more of that soon. 

When you begin the game, you crash on Starfallen and exit your escape pod into the Boglands. So far, there are three subbiomes in the Boglands. Since Starfallen is procedural generated, we want to create diversity and variety in every biome.